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About Ashley James...

Ashley James is a renowned television presenter and reality star, as well as musician, travel enthusiast and lifestyle influencer. Since acquiring national fame through multiple television shows such as Celebrity Big Brother and Made in Chelsea, the star has developed dedicated fanbase and established her a strong online presence as a lifestyle icon.

Prior to her appearance on nationally acclaimed reality shows, the young star discovered an interest in television hosting at the age of 16. In pursuit of her dreams, she landed a temporary work experience role at BBC Radio Cumbria and after befriending fellow reality star Francis Boulle, Ashley became the next cast member of the hit show Made in Chelsea. This role was an inevitable boost in the influencer’s television career as it allowed her to gain exposure to a large audience of MIC fans.

Following her departure from the series, Ashley began hosting numerous fashion shows and launched a self-titled blog and website. Thanks to her interest in the fashion world, she soon partnered with lingerie brand Tutti Rouge, becoming a model alongside her independent television and blogging endeavours.

Her experience as a television presenter lay primarily within the fields of fashion and entertainment. Dispersing her talents to multiple industries, the ambitious influencer steered her interests towards the music industry, pairing up with friend and fellow presenter Charlotte de Carle in creating a musical duo, BitterSweet DJs.

As a well-known TV personality, Ashley regularly shares insight into her life across social media and has become a popular social media influencer. She is a keen content creator and often shares posts relating to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. Taking to Instagram, she further showcases her interest in these topics as she transforms her account into a digital gallery of travel photos as well as showcasing bold outfits in quirky corners and alleyways around cities.

With a unique sense of style in both fashion and interiors, Ashley uses social media to document any changes to her home and wardrobe. After announcing her pregnancy with her first child, Ashley continued to be an advocate for female empowerment and body positivity whilst documenting her journey into parenthood. In January 2020, Ashley gave birth to a healthy baby boy and uses her platform to discuss everything from breastfeeding to post-partum recovery, whilst continuing to be an inspiration to women everywhere.

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