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About Bella Fiori...

Isabella Fiori, more fondly known as Bella, is an Australian YouTuber and Instagram sensation. Beginning her journey to social media stardom back in 2015, Bella has realised her passion for all things fashion, beauty and travel and decided to share her opinions and advice with followers from around the world.

Venturing into the world of vlogging, Bella began sharing videos based on everyday makeup tips and tutorials, then taking to Instagram to share snaps of her final creations with her thousands of followers.

Following on from this, Bella now uploads regular YouTube videos centred around clothing hauls, skincare routines and weekly fashion roundups, which have proven to be particularly popular with her subscribers.

Bella is passionate about using cruelty-free products and often shares her recent finds from the makeup industry, aiming to help her followers to find great products to use every day. She has also begun following a vegetarian diet to further support her love of animals.

Providing a unique twist to her social media channels, Bella also shares her love for criminology and murder-mysteries and often discusses her favourite stories and documentaries. This has helped Bella to appeal to an even wider audience.

Sharing snaps of OOTD’s on her Instagram, Bella is a highly sought-after influencer, which has seen her work and collaborate with several brands to promote their new clothing collections.

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