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Ellie Hecht is a London based influencer who creates content for everything lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty.

Consistently active on her social media channels, Ellie is an avid user of Instagram uploading a range of insightful content. From relaxing snaps on stunning white beaches to attending red carpet events, Ellie always looks stunning as she gives followers a look into her action-packed life.

Being a part of the Judaism religion, Ellie provides content in a bid to challenge antisemitism. Using her platform to spread awareness, Ellie supports her community by sharing horrifying experiences she has faced as well as making others feel proud to be part of the great religion.

Many of Ellie’s followers have got in touch with her to let her know that they have found her content inspiring and has allowed them to be more comfortable when standing up to what they believe in.

Ellie is also a great advocate for mental health and uses her large platform to not only to talk about her own personal experiences but also offers support to her followers that may be struggling themselves.

An inspiration to many and with an ever-growing following, we are excited to see what is to come for Ellie as she continues to be a role model for a large audience.

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