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About Charlotte Dawson...

Charlotte Dawson is a widely recognised media personality, best known for her iconic appearances on Ex on the Beach. A fan-favourite with audiences across the UK, she has taken the entertainment industry by storm over recent years and is now an admired social media influencer across several platforms.

Her initial claim to fame in the realm of reality TV was in 2016 when she graced screens with her feisty personality and confidence on the MTV show Ex on the Beach. The nature of the show, combined with her vibrant presence, quickly earned her recognition and a loyal following. From the sandy shores of MTV, she moved onto another adventure, as she tried her hand at farm life in Celebs on the Farm in 2018.

Charlotte's journey in the quest for love was particularly memorable. In 2017, she took to Celebs Go Dating, leaving an indelible mark on viewers with her candidness and spirited interactions. Her flair for stealing the limelight shone when she and fellow star Frankie Cocozza found a fleeting connection. Though their relationship didn't last beyond the show's end, Charlotte's moments on the show remain etched in the memories of fans. She revisited the dating show in 2020, reminding audiences of her incomparable charm.

Her foray into the world of beauty and fashion has been equally striking. Not one to shy away from challenges, Charlotte decided to appear on Just Tattoo of Us in 2017. Entrusting her Ex on the Beach pal, Katie Salmon, with the task of designing a tattoo for her was a bold move. But, in true Charlotte style, she ended up loving the inking, further cementing her reputation as a fearless fashion icon.

Through the years, Charlotte Dawson has firmly established herself as a beauty, fashion, and reality TV influencer. Her lineage, combined with her natural flair for the dramatic and an impeccable sense of style, ensures her place as an iconic figure in the entertainment industry.

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