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About Montana Brown...

Being an emerging influencer within the digital world, Montana Brown has drawn in media attention for her recent activity on social media and reality television. As a former contestant on the Love Island series, Montana is well-known amongst teenagers and young adults who contribute to her growing six-figure social media follower count.

Her rise to fame started at reality television - however, the star has steered her direction towards modelling, vlogging and running a fitness blog - all of which contribute to her flourishing fandom.

This fandom not only receives exercise and diet guides from Montana’s fitness website Rebel Belle, but also learns to appreciate all body types and destroy any societal pressure surrounding body image and unrealistic expectations for women. As an advocate for body positivity, Montana has even appeared on Good Morning Britain to confidently express her views around the Barbie controversy and criticise reality tv for a lack of diversity.

As a passionate feminist and fashion influencer, Montana is continues to make headlines while encouraging her 1.3 million Instagram followers to break toxic social boundaries and refrain from unhealthy expectations that incarcerate the minds of young boys and girls around the world. This makes her an ideal influencer to collaborate with for campaigns involving fitness, beauty and healthcare.

Her television activity covers a broad range of shows and professional roles as she appeared on Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island, acted as fashion presenter at This Morning and a television presenter for MTV News.

Since her stint on Love Island, Montana has become one of the biggest reality stars turned lifestyle influencers. Her recent rise on Youtube shows a promising future in vlogging and digital content creation, as her increasing 42.7k+ YouTube subscribers give her a total of almost 700,00k views across her first 5 videos.

As well as being the fashion ambassador for Pretty Little Thing, she promotes fitness and fashion throughout all of her social media platforms. Reaching beyond the fashion world, Montana he has previously collaborated with the likes of EOS for skincare product promotion. Her videos deliver Q&A sessions for fans on relatable topics such as dating whilst spilling details of her Love Island experience, as well as sharing her skincare and make-up routines. Some of her other collaborations include JD, Puma, Acardia Magazine, Smartwater, and Hilton, whom she continues to work with and promote throughout her social media activity.

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