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About Oliver Proudlock...

Oliver Proudlock is a TV personality who rose to fame on reality TV show, Made In Chelsea and is best friends with co-star, Jamie Laing. Although he didn't join the show until the second series, Proudlock has been at the forefront ever since. Thanks to his success on the show, Oliver has grown a rather significant following across his numerous social media platforms.

In the early days of Made In Chelsea, Oliver was known as a controversial ladies man but has now settled down and is engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Emma Louise Connolly.

As an active Instagram user, Oliver regularly takes to the platform to document his days using the stories feature as well as on his main feed. The avid traveller regularly visits an array of luxurious locations including the Maldives, Peru, Bahamas, Dubai, Toronto, Las Vegas and has also collaborated with Visit Saudi on a trip to Saudi Arabia. Some of these lavish getaways have also been filmed and documented on his YouTube channel.

Passionate about men's fashion and grooming, Oliver is well-known for posting images of his outfits across social media and has worked with a number of brands including Marks and Spencer, Garnier, BOSS and Armani Beauty.

Alongside his profession as a reality TV star, Proudlock is an entrepreneur and fashion designer within his right, having created his own business; Serge DeNimes. Oliver Proudlock is extremely well-educated having attended prestigious boarding school Eton, alongside Prince Harry.

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