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Aja Barber stands out in the digital realm as a sustainable fashion influencer with a critical and informed voice. She doesn't just advocate for environmental sustainability; she delves deep into the social and economic nuances that are often entangled with the fashion industry's environmental impact. Her approach is holistic, acknowledging the complexity of the industry's issues—ranging from fast fashion's carbon footprint to exploitative labour practices in supply chains.

Her expertise is not just theoretical; it's built on a foundation of personal experience and professional insight. Aja's content, whether on Instagram or in professional publications, is educational yet accessible, making topics like wealth inequality, colonialism and institutional racism in fashion understandable and relevant to her audience. She is skilled in unravelling the intricate tapestry of factors that sustain inequality, not just identifying them, but also proposing thoughtful, practical strategies for change.

A significant aspect of Aja's influence is her ability to confront uncomfortable truths. She recognises that understanding privilege and systemic injustice means grappling with personal blind spots and unlearning misconceptions. She's not just a guide but a fellow learner in the journey towards a more equitable and sustainable world.

Moreover, Aja's work transcends online platforms, solidifying her status as a thought leader in sustainability. Her bestselling book "Consumed" showcases her in-depth understanding of the historical, cultural and economic forces shaping the fashion industry, earning recognition from independent booksellers.

Aja's influence is a testament to the power of informed advocacy. By intertwining sustainability with social justice, she fosters a more nuanced conversation around fashion's future, encouraging her followers to become not just more conscious consumers, but also active participants in the movement for systemic change.

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