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Chantelle Champs is a lifestyle and parenting influencer as well as an author. 

After beginning her Instagram account to document her pregnancy with twin girls, Chantelle has soared in popularity and has amassed thousands of followers. 

As a mum of three girls, Chantelle uses her online platform to share her journey through parenthood as well as her experience as a mother. Passionate about breastfeeding in particular, Chantelle has used social media to share advice and provide support for others.

Continuing to focus on her passion, Chantelle recently wrote her own book, Milk It: Everything You Need to Know About Breastfeeding.

As well as this, Chantelle also uses Instagram to share and document family life. A keen traveller, Chantelle often posts about holidays to a variety of luxurious locations, including Florida and Las Vegas. Also interested in fashion, Chantelle’s feed is also filled with snaps of her favourite outfits, OOTD’s and mirror selfies.

From cosy days at home to family adventures, Chantelle shares it all and everything in between. 

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