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About Ali Gordon...

Ali Gordon is a leading British lifestyle influencer with hundreds of thousands of fans and a long history of modelling and working with luxury brands. From watchmakers to wineries, fashion labels to car brands, Ali’s incredible photography highlights the aspirational charm in all brands.

After working as an electrician for several years, he was encouraged by his wife and influencer, Lydia Millen, to try his hand at a vlog. Ali had always been uncomfortable with public speaking, but worked hard on his delivery and film editing skills. After several months, Ali blew up with his Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and vlog garnering tens of thousands of views. Ali hopes to represent the everyday man by covering every aspect of life including style, lifestyle, fitness and travel.

Ali connects with his fans on several social platforms, with YouTube being a popular choice. On his eponymous channel, he shows stunning videos of far-flung destinations and exclusive events and parties. On top of this, he shows his personal side with vlogs, family videos and Q&As.

Ali’s Instagram page, aligordon89, boasts incredible photography. From street-style clothing shoots to family snaps and holiday highlights, his photos always show the best aspects of brands. One of Ali’s long-time collaborators is the watchmaker Longines who collaborate with the talented influencer snapping pics in Hong Kong, Spain and other far-off destinations.

Ali Gordon’s blog brings all his social media platforms together with interesting articles on a range of topics. His fashion pieces are varied and help the everyday man understand the world of men’s fashion. From how to match casual jackets to the perfect Autumn jackets, Ali gives his followers insight into how to dress well.

Fitness and nutrition are also important to Ali. His years of experience mastering gym routines and meal plans are all put together on his blog to help inspire his fans to live healthier lives. Topics include articles on how to burn fat and retain muscle and the best yoga exercises.

Ali is not all work and no play with food and travel making up a large part of his personal brand. He regularly gets invited to try trendy bars and restaurants and review their finest offerings. What’s more, he is often required to travel the globe trying new places further afield.

Ali rounds out his blog with men’s grooming tips. From skincare to hairstyles and everything in between, he helps men better understand how to look after themselves.

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