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Chloe Morello


About Chloe Morello...

Chloe Morello is a leading Australian beauty and style guru, offering informative and fun makeup tutorials as well as reviewing skincare and haircare products. With her knowledge and passion for beauty, Chloe is able to offer sound advice to her thousands of followers across her various social media channels.

Before rising to fame on YouTube and Instagram, Chloe worked at her family’s motel on the NSW coast of Australia. However, after discovering her love for style and beauty, Chloe quickly caught the attention of thousands of followers, causing her presence on social media, as well as her follower count, to rise to great heights!

Due to her experience as a beautician and her established name on social media, Chloe has been able to work with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry including L’Oreal Paris, Vaseline and YSL and is sought-after by many other beauty brands.

Chloe is extremely dedicated and passionate about her work and thrives on building an honest following. This has resulted in a loyal and engaged fanbase, making her a desirable influencer to collaborate with.

Her work ethic, combined with her attitude towards supporting positive mental health on social media, has caused Chloe to be an inspiration to thousands of young people around the world. This is evident on her Instagram feed as she receives thousands of likes for every post she shares.

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