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About Billy Brown...

Billy Brown has recently risen to fame after appearing on the popular reality TV show, Love Island. Originally from Surrey, the 23-year-old has earned himself a large and loyal following.

Joining the villa as part of the infamous Casa Amour line up, Billy made quite the impression on both his fellow islanders and viewers of the show. Thanks to his hilarious sense of humour and witty ways, Billy is set to take these characteristics on his journey to become a social media success.

Having already embraced post-villa life, Billy consistently posts on Instagram stories and answering Q&As, as well as posting TikTok videos that show off his football skills. His playful and lively character always shines through his content and has served him well in radio appearances since leaving the villa.

In contrast to his previous job as a roofing company director, the glamorous lifestyle he’s taken to also involves sharing day-in-the-life videos and his fashion outfits for festivals, as well as documenting his lavish evenings out. This would make him the perfect partner for men’s fashion, travel and lifestyle brands.

With his charisma and bubbly personality, Billy is only at the start of a very exciting career as a social media influencer.

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