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Having worked at the heart of the automotive industry for several years, Lenny Howlett knows everything there is to know about cars. Drawing on the knowledge acquired through his work as a sales executive for Urban Automotive - one of the UK's top luxury sports vehicle modifiers - Lenny has become a well-known name in the world of automotive influencer marketing.

Boasting a significant following online, it wasn't long before Lenny established himself as an authority on high-end cars. His passion for luxury cars has seen him share exciting content focused on documenting the many joys of sports car ownership. He has offered viewers from all over the world a glimpse of the ins and outs of the automotive industry, becoming a well-known social media influencer in the process.

His passion for supercars has led him to work in various areas of the business. As a member of the Urban Automotive team, Lenny has continued to operate at the forefront of custom car modification. In addition, Lenny has also become part of the team at Nero Design Ltd. - an automotive design house that focuses on performance and wheel design for a wide range of sought-after supercars. As such, Lenny's hands-on experience with high-end vehicles means he is ideally placed to share his work with a legion of dedicated fans.

Lenny's reputation in the influencer world has seen him collaborate with several YouTube celebrities. He famously collaborated with fellow influencer Sam Fane (of Seen Through Glass fame) on several occasions, and the duo's antics proved to be incredibly popular with the viewing audience. Mixing hilarious comedy with genuine expertise, their journey in an MSRT Ford Transit successfully amassed more than 850,000 views. As a result of their success, the duo also teamed up to go car shopping, offering their own takes on the ideal car for Sam's dad.

Numerous brands have picked up on Lenny's success as an online influencer, helping him to establish flourishing relationships with brands of all shapes and sizes. One of his most notable influencer marketing campaigns saw him team up with watch brand Lord Timepieces, which saw him strengthen brand awareness of several of the company's core products.

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