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About Seb Delanney...

Reporting on the ins and outs of the supercar scene from his home near Monaco, France, Seb Delanney has enjoyed a distinguished career in automotive influencer marketing. Having risen to fame through his fascinating content on video-sharing platform YouTube, Seb has become a familiar face in the industry.

Seb’s wide range of content has won him praise from car enthusiasts all over the world. Delivering his content across several channels, he has become one of the biggest social media influencers in his field. His vlogs cover virtually every aspect of the supercar world, as well as offering insight into lifestyle. From exhilarating road trips to car reviews, it’s no surprise he has built up a significant following on his way to the top.

Seb’s success has helped him build a dedicated fan base that numbers into the hundreds of thousands. Catering to the needs of car enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes, fans love to check in with Seb’s latest updates. Whether they’re wanting to see Patrick Dempsey’s Porsche Convoy, the delivery of new supercars, car shopping trips, or the experience of taking £500,000 worth of supercars to Nando’s, Seb’s channel truly has it all.

Enjoying proximity to the high-end car scene in Monaco, Seb has developed an in-depth knowledge of all things automotive. His prized possession is his incredible Lotus Elise Club Racer, a car that has continued to fascinate his many viewers. Through his work, however, Seb has come into contact with many of the best-loved supercars on the planet today, getting behind the wheel of cars such as the BMW M5 First Edition, the Porsche 911, the Porsche GT3 RS and the Lotus 380.

Over the course of his career, Seb has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the automotive world. Just one example of this is his Lamborghini shopping trip with fellow influencer Paul Wallace, which saw the two take to the showroom in style. Furthermore, Seb has also interviewed major names in the world of motorsports, having interviewed the likes of racing legend Sebastian Vettel.

As an influential name in the digital sphere, Seb is the perfect partner for brands looking to create dynamic influencer marketing campaigns. Offering access to a vast audience of car enthusiasts, Seb is ideally placed to strengthen brand awareness.

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