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On the road to Internet stardom, TJ Hunt is a vehicle fanatic with a devoted interest in automotive culture. After launching his own YouTube channel discussing all things automotive, his expertise led him to become one of the Internet’s most popular automotive influencers.

TJ’s videos and content range from documenting vehicle build processes, drifting progression videos, vlogs, automotive events, meet-ups and how-to’s. After the channel’s initial launch, TJ’s first few videos focused on car reviews and demos, as well as vlogs and tutorial videos. Over time, his channel began to reach thousands before hitting his first huge milestone of one million in his ‘How To Make Your Car Light Up’ video.

Showing consistency within his content, the popular online figure reaches thousands and even millions of views with every video he posts. Since its launch, the channel has amassed an impressive 1.5 million subscribers as well as over 410 million views.

Whilst YouTube is TJ’s main platform for content sharing, he also takes to Instagram to deliver further automotive content as well as documenting snippets of his personal life. Alongside this, the popular influencer often shows his support to causes close to his heart such as Driven To Cure, a charity raising awareness and providing funding for the research of rare cancers.

TJ also launched his very own clothing line inspired by the automotive industry. With a range of merchandise on offer, the Hunt & Co. collection ranges from t-shirts, accessories, shirts, bags, phone cases, car stickers and air fresheners.

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