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About Demi Yates...

Demi Yates is a well-known TikTok star who has amassed an incredibly large and loyal following through uploading entertaining comedic videos. With a wide variety of content ranging from point-of-view style videos and comedy skits to more serious motivational videos, Demi is a great fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator.

As she is an estate agent during the day, most of Demi’s content is based on the people she meets through her job and deals with daily. Making skits and relaying stories of difficult customers, Demi has a series on her TikTok page called “Office Rantz”, in which she expresses and vents how she really wants to deal with tricky customers, albeit not very professionally. 

Making relatable content for her followers and having already collaborated with global brands, we are excited to see what is to come next for Demi, as she continues to entertain the TikTok community with her hilarious personality and content. 

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