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About Caitlin and Leah...

First posting way back in 2015, Caitlin and Leah have since taken the social media world by storm, boasting millions of combined followers, the married couple post all things from fashion and beauty to lifestyle content, including pranks, challenges and taking part in current trends.

Their high-quality content goes hand-in-hand with their infectious bubbly personalities and has allowed them to grow the community they have today. Their TikTok is full of intimate and adorable moments as they share key moments in their relationship as well as milestones with their followers.

Recently married, the couple had their dream wedding which they posted all over their multiple social media pages, as they took their followers through their planning journey and kept them updated every step of the way.

The happy couple also announced that they are expecting a baby boy after starting their IVF journey in February 2022, and they have since welcomed their gorgeous son into the world, with updates about the birthing process and baby preparations on the run up to his arrival!

After growing a sensational following, Caitlin and Leah use their platform to raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community as well as advocating for mental health. Highlighting both the stigmas of being in a queer couple and mental health conditions, the pair often talk about their own experiences as well as tips for their followers who may be struggling.

With an ever-growing following and being such an inspiration to their followers, we are excited for what is to come next for Caitlin and Leah.

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