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About Catherine Agbaje...

Catherine Agbaje is a bubbly 22-year-old commercial real estate agent from Dublin, best known for appearing in the 2023 series of Love Island. Known to describe herself as ‘fun, flirty, and never boring’, she entered the villa during the 10th season of the show in hopes of finding her type on paper.

Prior to her national success, Catherine developed an admirable career as a commercial real estate agent in Ireland. Wanting to seal the perfect deal in more than just real estate, she decided to spend a summer in the sun at the Love Island villa and utilise her driven mentality to find her perfect partner.

Also an avid user of Instagram, Catherine has reached over 52.1K followers since entering the villa. Keen to share her incredible travels and stand-out fashion with users on the platform, there is no doubt that her online presence will continue to grow after her exit from the Love Island villa.

Described as a ‘loving character’ by her peers, Catherine’s positive personality proves significant in her status as an ever-growing influencer.

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