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About Demi Donnelly...

Demi Donnelly is a popular YouTube personality who is known for her YouTube channel where she posts content relating to fashion and lifestyle. Whilst the nature of her content is comedic and light-hearted, she often engages in fashion hauls and reviews, keeping her engagement with fans active and informed on the latest fashion trends and the most popular brands.

Demi often performs pranks and challenges that attract a large viewing due to the comedic yet perilous nature of her content. Some of her most popular videos include ‘Asking My Mum Questions You’d Never Ask Yours’, ‘I Spent the Night in IKEA’ and ‘Staying at the MOST HAUNTED reviewed hotel in the WORLD.’ Keeping fans on their toes with various exciting videos of different styles, Demi continues to expand her fanbase by creating content that is not only relevant for her targeted demographic, but also for a more global audience that can enjoy the entertainment that she consistently delivers throughout her videos and posts.

Demi has gained an immense popularity within the digital world as she engages in product reviews, fashion hauls and try-ons,‘Get Ready With Me’ videos and her honest ‘Let’s Talk’ series where she addresses taboo topics such as hygiene and body image. She is a supporter of body positivity which strengthens her position as a fashion and beauty influencer when encouraging young people to maintain a positive outlook on physical appearance and refrain from endorsing toxic ideologies about body types.

Alongside YouTube, Demi actively posts her travel experiences on Instagram, with a review of her city breaks and her day to day experiences. In this way, she keeps fans engaged in her life and her content on more than one platform. She also uses her platform to collaborate with different fashion brands including Pretty Little Thing, KOI Footwear and Fashion Nova in a series of sponsored posts and brand promotions.

Being active both in entertainment, travel, fashion, beauty and vlogging, Demi proves to be an influential online personality for many viewers and social media followers that continue to support her throughout her journey to becoming a top influencer and fashion figure. Her wide range of interests makes her an ideal business partner for brands or companies to collaborate with regardless of industry.

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