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About Cam Holmes...

Cam Holmes is a model, social media content creator and reality TV star from the South of Wales. Best know for his appearance on the second season of Netflix’s favourite reality dating show Too Hot To Handle, Cam has since built up an impressive social media following.

Leaving the luxurious villa, situated in the exotic Turks and Caicos Islands, alongside contestant and partner Emily Faye Miller, the pair often create a range of content together as they travel the world. Posting photos to their popular Instagram pages, the pair pose together in their favourite outfits and looks in Instagram-worthy locations, such as Paris, Dubai, Spain and Cuba.

The self-described ‘nerd’ has a degree in criminology as well as being a qualified personal trainer. Cam has also appeared in the cast of a short film called “Bloody Mary: Possession”, in which he made his acting debut.

Having already collaborated with world-renowned brands and having grown a large following across a number of social media channels, Cam would be a great influencer to help boost your latest marketing campaign!

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