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About Darcey Angel...

Darcey Angel is a versatile content creator from the UK. Known for her ASMR-style makeup and skincare videos, Darcey covers almost every aspect of beauty and makeup over both her Instagram and TikTok pages.

With an impressively large and loyal global following, Darcey has millions of combined followers across her pages and has attracted world-renowned make up brands, which she has since collaborated with.

Darcey’s content ranges from creative looks to everyday standard makeup as well as expert glam looks and skincare techniques. 

One of Darcey’s main attributes is that she likes to keep closely connected with her followers. Often replying to comments and private messages, Darcey offers tips and advice to her admiring followers who aspire to be like her. Using Instagram Stories, Darcey likes to post Q&As to keep her followers updated on her life and ask her any beauty related questions that they might have. 

Having already collaborated with some of the top makeup brands in the industry, we are excited to see what is to come next for Darcey as she grows further and expands her digital reach every single day. 

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