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About Demi Jones...

Demi Jones joined the cast of the 2020 winter edition of Love Island as a bombshell arrival.

From Portsmouth, Demi is a former style advisor at a boutique and has traded the world of retail for the chance to find the man of her dreams. And with a degree in Archaeology and History, Demi has brains as well as beauty, with the goal to work in Rome as a museum curator.

Describing herself as ‘bubbly, reliable and friendly’, Demi is looking for her perfect match. The red-headed beauty rates herself a seven out of ten, and is looking for a cheeky chap who can make her laugh.

With hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, Demi takes to the platform to share all aspects of her life. From her time at university to nights out with friends and family, Demi documents it all. Her feed consists of sultry selfies and with a keen interest in fashion, Demi also posts fun snaps in her favourite, rather glamorous outfits.

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