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About Emily Blackwell...

Emily Blackwell’s rise to stardom started with her debut television appearance in the nationally acclaimed reality show Made in Chelsea. Making her entrance in series 12, Emily quickly became an essential character to the show. Since entering the public eye, she has actively taken to social media to delve into fashion, travel, and modelling, carving her path towards becoming a popular all-round fashion, lifestyle, travel, and beauty influencer.

Growing up in Surrey, Emily was best friends with co-star Jessica Woodley and Georgia Toffolo before her stint on the show, which made for her to be a perfect fit. Settling in nicely, Emily became a fan favourite, known for her witty one liners and her ways of not being afraid to stand up for herself.

Emily’s Instagram is a place where she shares all aspects of her life and can easily be categorised as a digital diary which she shares with her large and highly engaging following. Snaps in her favourite glamorous outfits as well as jetting off to luxurious destinations such as Bali, Barbados, Ibiza, Croatia, Mykonos, Dubai and LA, is an occurring theme throughout Emily’s Instagram feed.

Due to her passion for travelling, Emily often uploads pictures and videos of picturesque sunsets and beaches alongside her commercially focused content. Whilst exploring the world, Emily has collaborated with many respectable travel and lifestyle brands, even launching her own swimwear collection with the brand St. Lucia.

Emily uses her YouTube to document her life in vlog style videos. Travelling vlogs, day in the life videos, and shopping hauls, Emily posts a wide range of content for her followers who are more interested in the behind the scenes access of her content and her day-to-day life.

Having spent many years working in modelling, Emily continues her work and often posts her latest projects across her social media channels. Using social media as a commercial platform to endorse businesses, Emily is a popular influencer for a wide range of brands from multiple industries. The majority of her partnerships are put into action through social media marketing, as she engages in sponsored content and product endorsement throughout her Instagram page, YouTube channel and TikTok account.

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