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Ami Charlize

About Ami Charlize...

Ami Charlize is a content creator who is predominantly known for creating content for the fashion and beauty industry. Having amassed an incredible following across a number of social media platforms, Ami has also taken part in many brand collaborations including becoming a brand ambassador for fashion giant Pretty Little Thing.

Posting a range of content, Ami’s TikTok page is full of ‘Get Ready With Me’ style videos, behind the scenes access to shoots that she attends as well as offering her followers tips and tricks on how to be successful on social media.

Ami also has a large subscriber count on YouTube, using the platform for longer videos and content. Ami enjoys sitting down and talking to her followers, producing a range of content including vlogs, ‘a day in the life’ style videos, and clothing hauls, as well as more interactive videos where Ami answers subscribers’ questions and assumptions

Born in 2007, Ami is one of the youngest content creators in the fashion and beauty space, making her a unique and great influencer to work with in an upcoming marketing campaign, delivering to a large and loyal audience of likeminded fashion enthusiasts.

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