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About Ayse Clark...

Ayse is one-half of the YouTube fashion channel Ayse and Zeliah, which she created with her identical twin, Zeliah Clark. 

Ayse started the channel with her sister in 2010, and quickly gained a considerable following. Posting a variety of fashion content, including hauls from the major high street brands and huge giveaways, the sisters’ charming, engaging personalities are all over their try-ons, tutorials and girl talk videos. 

Over on Instagram, Ayse posts more personal pics, and it’s all about life with her boyfriend and her understated, chic outfit-of-the-day’s. Being a Clark, those much-loved haul posts are a consistent feature of Ayse stories, and her feed often features favourite fashion and make-up products and travel destinations. 

Indeed, Ayse has taken in some truly stunning locations, including New York, Monaco and Malta, where she takes stylishly clean snaps of her own unique style.

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