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About BOSH!...

With a passion for plant-based foods, Henry and Ian strive to advise the world about how tasty and easy it can be to follow a vegan diet. In just their first year, the duo reached more than half a billion people on social media.

Henry and Ian combined their two passions of digital marketing and delicious food to create BOSH!. With four best-selling books, the culinary experts know all there is to know about creating simple yet nutritious meat-free meals.

Although not professionally trained, Henry and Ian are the ultimate foodies - often taking classic dishes and creating delicious vegan alternatives. With their cookbooks being a roaring success, the food fanatics have recently launched their own plant-based cookery TV show titled Living Life On The Veg.

The two-man team are on a mission to help people feel fantastic, whilst trying to save the planet at the same time. Passionate about animals, climate change and the world we live in, BOSH! share their top tips and tricks to help people become fully-fledged vegans or just help them cut down on meat and dairy consumption. Their Facebook page is also the biggest vegan cookery channel in the world!

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