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Amesha and Bishalee, a dynamic vegan sister duo, are the creative minds behind the popular platform ‘Beets and Bobs’. Their journey into veganism began around 2015, sparked by a desire to enjoy delicious meals without harming animals. What started as a personal challenge to reinvent their favourite non-vegan dishes into vegan delights has blossomed into a vibrant venture, sharing their culinary adventures and sustainable lifestyle tips.

Their platform is not just a collection of recipes; it's a narrative of their exploration of the vegan landscape in London and beyond. They are committed to disproving the myth that veganism is synonymous with a salad-only diet. Through their engaging content, Amesha and Bishalee take their followers on a journey, showcasing the diverse and delicious possibilities of vegan cuisine. From experimenting with recipes that reflect their cultural heritage to reviewing vegan products and restaurants, their work is a testament to the richness of a plant-based lifestyle.

Their social media presence is more than just a source of vegan recipes; it's a community hub for those seeking advice, inspiration, and a sense of belonging in the vegan world. The sisters understand the challenges and misconceptions surrounding veganism. They emphasise that transitioning to a plant-based diet is more accessible today, with an ever-growing range of options available in supermarkets and popular food chains.

Their message to those considering veganism is one of encouragement and practicality. They recommend starting by exploring plant-based sections in supermarkets, trying vegan menus at restaurants, and following vegan food accounts on social media. Their approach is not about instant transformation but a gradual and enjoyable journey into a more compassionate and sustainable way of living. With their guidance, Amesha and Bishalee are not just feeding bodies with delectable vegan fare; they are nourishing minds and fostering a community around the joyous possibilities of a vegan lifestyle.

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