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About James Wythe...

James Wythe, a qualified Health Coach and the creative mind behind Healthy Living, stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the vegan community. His journey into the world of health and wellness is not just a career choice but a personal triumph over adversity. Over a decade ago, James’ life took an unexpected turn when he was struck by an illness that left him bedridden for two years and housebound for four. Diagnosed with ME/CFS, he experienced severe symptoms like weight loss, sensitivities, and insomnia. There was no straightforward cure, but with his mother’s unwavering support and advice from a nutritionist, James began to explore the transformative power of diet.

His path to recovery was significantly influenced by a shift to a plant-based diet, which not only alleviated some of his symptoms but also ignited a passion for cooking. This newfound interest led him to start Healthy Living James, a blog aimed at sharing his healthy and simple recipes with friends, family, and eventually, a growing online audience. The blog’s success is a testament to James’ dedication and skill in creating recipes that are not just nutritious but also accessible and appealing to a wide range of palates.

James’ influence extends beyond his blog. With over a million followers across various social platforms, he has become a full-time food blogger and cookbook author. His approach to veganism is pragmatic and inclusive, as he suggests starting with a flexitarian approach for those new to the lifestyle. Through his social media content, he advocates for a gradual shift to plant-based eating, emphasising the ease, affordability, and deliciousness of vegan food.

His journey from a debilitating illness to a celebrated food influencer is a story of resilience and transformation. James’ emphasis on health and simplicity in cooking, coupled with his personal experience, makes him a relatable and motivating figure in the vegan community. Eleven years since the inception of Healthy Living James, James now finds himself on the cover of a recipe book, a dream realised, symbolising his commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle and serving as an inspiration to many.

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