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About Niki Webster...

Niki Webster is a distinguished vegan influencer known for her plant-based culinary creations and her online platform, Rebel Recipes, which she launched in 2015. As a passionate plant-based chef and author, Niki has dedicated herself to sharing vibrant and simple vegan recipes, with a strong emphasis on vegetables. Her work is aimed at helping those in the vegan community to be more innovative with their food choices.

Niki's approach to veganism is both practical and inspiring. In her conversation with HELLO!, she advised newcomers to the vegan lifestyle to start with meat alternatives to ease the transition, especially for those missing the texture of meat or fish. She emphasises the importance of not being disheartened by occasional slip-ups and encourages maintaining a focus on the positive health benefits of a vegan diet.

Beyond health, Niki is an advocate for the broader benefits of a plant-based diet, including animal welfare and environmental sustainability. She believes in the limitless possibilities of plant-based eating, constantly exploring new ingredients and flavour combinations. Niki's enthusiasm for discovery and innovation in vegan cuisine reflects her commitment to making veganism accessible and enjoyable.

Reflecting on the evolution of veganism, Niki notes the significant shift from its once-fringe status to a mainstream movement, bolstered by growing environmental and health consciousness. She recalls the early days of Rebel Recipes, a time when veganism was often seen as restrictive. Niki's contribution has been pivotal in redefining veganism, focusing on the abundance and variety available in a plant-based diet, which has become increasingly visible and popular on platforms like Instagram.

Today, with more options available for plant-based diets in retailers and restaurants, Niki continues to focus on healthy, sustainable food directly sourced from nature. Her commitment to being a 'plant-pioneer' has not only influenced the culinary world but also contributed significantly to a broader shift in societal attitudes towards veganism. As she continues her journey with Rebel Recipes, Niki invites others to join her in exploring the world of plant-based inspiration.

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