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About Family Fizz...

The Fizz family are without a doubt the closest thing to influencer royalty. With each family member having already achieved their own slice of fame, the family is a true powerhouse in the digital world. Successfully capturing the many ins and outs of family life, mum Georgie, dad Darren and daughters Mia, Sienna and Karma have all featured as part of their Family Fizz channel and have become one of the most popular influencer families online.

The Fizz family initially gained an online following when they began to document the whole family's transition to a vegan diet. In addition, the family also offered family-friendly content that appealed to viewers of all ages. From hilarious challenges to insightful lifestyle vlogs, the family's output proved to be incredibly versatile. For this reason, it wasn't long before they began to make a name for themselves on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

Their success as social media influencers also led Darren and Georgie to write their own vegan recipe book - Vegan Fitness 7 Day Meal Plan. They soon began to offer content in several other areas, and the family's travel videos quickly became a hit. They packed their things in late 2016 and set out to travel to a number of destinations around the world, filming their experiences along the way. Touching down in places such as the United States and Gran Canaria, their fun and loveable personalities helped them to connect with audiences from across the globe.

Several family members have gone on to achieve popularity with their own respective channels as kid influencers. Daughter Mia has amassed more than 400,000 subscribers as the star of Mia's Life, whilst her sister Sienna enjoys a fan base of more than 170,000 subscribers. Last but not least, the sisters have also teamed up for their channel the Fizz Sisters, which offers toy videos, makeup tutorials, challenges and much more.

As one of the most successful families ever to have taken to YouTube, the Fizz Family are the perfect choice for brands looking to make the most of their influencer marketing campaigns. Having built up a vast and engaged audience characterised by its diversity, the family's digital impact has seen them work with numerous top brands. As such, their future in the digital world looks set to be very bright indeed.

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