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About Anjula Devi...

Anjula Devi is a name synonymous with revolutionising Indian cuisine through the power of social media. As a consultant chef for Manchester United, her approach to making Indian food easy and accessible has garnered a massive following of over 220K enthusiasts. Anjula is not just a chef; she's an innovator and a storyteller, using her platform to take authentic Indian cuisine to new heights and inspire her audience with her captivating recipes and food narratives.

Her journey into the culinary world began at the tender age of eight, cooking alongside her father and learning the art of blending spices to create flavourful Indian dishes. This early exposure to the world of cooking, coupled with her travels to Shepherd’s Bush Market for essential ingredients, laid the foundation for her expansive knowledge of Indian cuisine. Anjula's passion for Indian food and her mastery over spices led her to establish Anjula Devi Authentic Indian Food in 2010, offering Indian dinner parties and cookery classes that celebrate the rich culinary heritage of India.

Anjula's collaboration with Manchester United as a consultant chef underscores her influence and the high regard in which she is held within the culinary world. Additionally, her role as a Brand Ambassador for TRS Foods and the launch of her brand, Route 207, inspired by her nostalgic trips to the spice market, further attest to her impact on promoting Indian cuisine globally.

Author of two recipe books, 'Authentic Indian Food' and 'Spice for Life', Anjula Devi has made significant contributions to the literature on Indian cooking. Her expertise is not confined to the pages of books; she is an accomplished demonstrator and teacher, actively participating in food festivals, schools, and offering one-on-one tuition.

Through her social media presence, Anjula Devi has become a beacon for those looking to explore Indian cuisine, guiding them through the nuances of spice and flavour to create nutritious and delicious meals. Her mission to share her knowledge and promote authentic Indian food using fresh produce and balanced spices has not only made her a celebrated influencer but also a beloved figure in the world of food and beyond.

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