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About Ellen Fisher...

Ellen Fisher is a content creator, e-book author, podcast host and mother of five based in the tropical Hawaii. Living and raising her children on the island, alongside her husband Andrew, Ellen is very passionate about living a healthy plant-based lifestyle, home-schooling children, gardening, ethical veganism, and sustainability.

Having been vegan for 13 years, Ellen has had five healthy vegan pregnancies and home births and is committed to encouraging and inspiring others to eat more plants and practice respectful gentle parenting.

Ellen is also an E-book author and to date has released four food recipe and parenting books, named Epic Vegan Cravings, Epic Vegan Food, Epic Plant Powered Kid Food, and Breastfeeding.

Keen to expand her wealth of knowledge and content, Ellen hosts her own podcast, The Ellen Fisher Podcast. Inviting expert guests and inspiring people from around the world to have conversations about motherhood, plant-based nutrition, finances, relationships and more, so they can share their stories and journey with listeners.

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