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Katie Pix is a well-known influencer, focusing primarily on the food and drink industry. 

Having been brought up with chefs as parents, it is no wonder that Katie has gone on to be so successful within the same sector. 

After spending some time working in social media and PR for popular food brands and then Jamie Oliver, Katie took the leap and began her very own YouTube channel.

With an established social media presence, Katie uses her platforms to share good food, nutritious meals and delicious sweet treats that are completely fuss free. With an Instagram feed full of mouth-watering snaps, Katie is the Queen of the kitchen and has mastered everything from drinks, snacks, main meals and desserts.

As well as sharing images, Katie also posts detailed videos including recipes and step-by-step methods so that her followers can follow along and create each dish themselves.

More recently, Katie moved house and has taken to social media to document the entire journey, from renovation, DIY, home décor, interior design to flat packing. Katie also shares snippets of her days as well as posting content about beauty and fashion.

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