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About Gaz Oakley...

Popularly known as the Avant-Garde Vegan, Gaz is a classically trained chef, and, as his social media handle suggests, he specialises in vegan cooking and recipes. 

His passion for healthy cooking is born from his childhood, where sports, athletics and good health were central to Gaz’s upbringing.

When he wasn’t on the sports field or athletics track, Gaz was watching his favourite TV chefs or imitating them at home in his family kitchen. 

At school, such was his love for food, Gaz would bring in his own pasta making machine, creating ravioli and tortellini for classmates.

When Gaz altered his diet to a typical bodybuilder's, he was inspired by rapper JME to watch an influential vegan video. Enthused by this, Gaz began experimenting with vegan recipes and launched his own YouTube and Instagram channels.

Gaz also posts innovate, creative vegan meals and snacks, recreating non-vegan classics and comfort foods, from simple snacks to meticulously prepared mains.

His skill in creating visually stunning vegan dishes quickly won him compliments from renowned chefs, and the release of his own cookbook, Vegan 100. 

His Instagram feed highlights Gaz’s own merch, with his own range of hats, hoodies, and aprons and quick guides to his most revered recipes, including his cheeseburgers, glazed donuts, and Sunday lunches. 

Gaz is known for whipping-up quickfire crowd pleasers, new and strange takes on pastries, and ingredients challenges that display his impressive range of culinary skills.

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