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David Atherton is best known for winning the 2019 season of The Great British Bake Off. Since then, the professional baker has gone on to do incredible things. Prior to his stint on the hit baking show, David studied art and design, which later he switched to nursing to pursue a career as a health advisor. 

Whilst on a work trip in Malawi, David learnt to build an oven out of an oil drum and invented a cake that could steam cook over a village fire - this sparked a new passion for baking! 

David became the first contestant in the show’s famous history to win the competition without winning a single star baker award in any of the previous episodes leading up to the final. Since the show, David has gone on to write a fortnightly article in The Telegraph called “Fit Food”, where he runs through healthy home-made recipes. 

The London-based baker has also released a plethora of cooking and baking recipe books. His first was released in 2020 and was titled “My First Cook Book”, followed by a more sophisticated book “Good to eat”. However, the hit books didn’t stop there. David released his first children’s cookbook “My First Green Cook Book”, which involved vegetarian dishes as David is an advocate for healthy eating.

David grew up in rural Yorkshire and some of his favourite hobbies include cycling and ceramics. The specialised bread baker is also a part of the LGBTQ community, often showcasing this on his Instagram by attending pride marches as well as showing his solidarity for the cause. 

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