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About Hari Beavis...

Hari Beavis is a TikTok star with an enthusiastic approach to cooking food. First posting videos during the country’s Covid-19 lockdown, Hari now has an incredibly large and loyal following, having already worked with big brands.

Back in April 2020, when everyone was stuck inside, Hari decided to bring a bit of happiness to her friends, family, and local community. Starting off making custom birthday cakes, she would post short videos of her bakes onto her newly started TikTok page. Attracting followers quickly, Hari decided to push the boat out further and make home-made afternoon tea, which she would drop round at her neighbour’s house so they could enjoy the good weather providing escapism in such a tough time for many.

However, her TikTok career really started to take off when she attended Oxford Brookes University. The events management student became popular on the app as she shared cheap and affordable student-styled budget meals and even where to buy the cheapest ingredients, for her rapidly growing and hungry following.

Now with hundreds of thousands of followers, Hari continues to post her step-by-step recipes for a wider range and variety of meals, snacks, and treats, often recommendations and requests from her highly engaging following.

After accumulating such a large following, Hari now uses her platform to promote body positivity as well as raise awareness for breast cancer. Creating an Instagram community named The Big Tittie Community, Hari helps her fellow women open up and talk about any struggles they may be facing in their day to day lives. Making it a private page, meaning that it isn’t available on first glance to the public, Hari has created a safe space for all women to meet at and help one another feel comfortable.

Hari is an inspiration to young women and would be a great and admired influencer to help promote your brand to your desired target market.

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