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About Madeleine Olivia...

Madeleine Olivia is more than just a name in the vegan and sustainability sphere; she represents a journey of self-discovery, resilience and unwavering commitment to a cause. In December 2015, facing feelings of unhappiness and discontentment, Madeleine took a leap of faith. She quit her job, moved out of her home and started anew with the goal of establishing her own business. By February 2016, she uploaded her first YouTube video and embarked on a journey of exploring veganism, minimalism, self-awareness and sustainability.

As her content began to touch hearts globally, Madeleine's platform quickly transformed into a hub where people sought guidance on vegan cooking, sustainable living and personal growth. What began as a personal outlet had evolved into a thriving online community. A significant milestone was reaching 10,000 subscribers, marking a shift in Madeleine’s journey – a hint that turning her passion into a full-time profession was within grasp.

Over the years, her endeavours expanded beyond YouTube. She has travelled to picturesque destinations, authored her book Minimal: How to Simplify Your Life and Live Sustainably and renovated a charming cottage in Cornwall. With each new experience, Madeleine continued to evolve, learning to embrace self-love, compassion and kindness. Her mission is clear: to advocate for veganism, minimalism and low-impact living in a manner that's accessible to all. She emphasises the importance of individual actions in shaping a sustainable future, urging her audience to opt for vegan diets, reduce consumption and challenge prevalent diet-culture narratives. Her passion for the planet and its creatures is evident, but equally significant is her commitment to fostering self-love and mental well-being.

Her book serves as an extension of her beliefs, offering tantalising recipes like Plant-based Pain au Chocolat and 10-minute Mac and Cheese, ensuring that even those new to veganism can enjoy delicious, simple meals without breaking the bank. Madeleine Olivia doesn’t position herself as an infallible guru but rather as someone on a continuous journey of self-improvement, determined to inspire others along the way. Whether one is exploring veganism or seeking a life more attuned to sustainability, Madeleine's authentic voice serves as a beacon of inspiration and guidance.

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