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Gareth & Ryan - Let them see Cake!


About Gareth & Ryan - Let them see Cake!...

Gareth Davies and Ryan Rowe are a dynamic social media duo who transformed their vision into a palpable reality with the inception of LetThemSeeCake (LTSC), a vibrant cake shop nestled beneath their home in Cardiff's Victoria Park. Their journey began when an opportunity to repurpose an old shop presented itself, prompting them to embark on a business venture amidst the 2020 pandemic. This decision led to the creation of what is now celebrated as Cardiff’s Insta bakery, a title that underscores the shop's significant impact on South Wales' competitive food scene and its popularity on social media platforms.

Born and raised on a farm in Aberystwyth, West Wales, Gareth Davies brought his lifelong passion for cake into the business. His experiences, from baking with his gran for village events to winning gold awards at Cake Internationals, have shaped LTSC’s ethos. As the creative director, Gareth aims to craft visually stunning buttercream cakes that are as flavourful as they are stylish, envisioning the shop as a cherished part of future generations' memories in Victoria Park.

Ryan Rowe, the managing director, complements Gareth’s culinary artistry with his expertise in business, finance, and hospitality. Despite not being a baker himself, Ryan, dubbed as the chief cake tester and the 'butter to Gareth’s sugar', has been instrumental in refining the customer experience at LTSC. His journey from Peterborough to Cardiff, culminating in his role at LTSC, demonstrates his commitment to the shop's success and his embrace of Welsh culture, as evidenced by his efforts to learn Welsh to engage with local patrons.

Together, Gareth and Ryan have cultivated a unique brand that extends beyond just selling cakes; they have created an experience. Their story reached a wider audience through the BBC One Wales and BBC3 docu-series 'HOT CAKES', which showcased the inner workings of their shop, their team's diversity, and their personal lives, further solidifying their status as talented influencers in the social media realm. LTSC stands as a testament to their synergy, innovation, and dedication to making every occasion memorable with their picture-perfect creations.

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