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About Family Freedom...

Family Freedom is a vegan family-of-five, led by parents Bob and Katie. Along with their three children, Sam, Jamie and JoJo, they document and share their days with their thousands of followers.

Using social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, Family Freedom regularly posts videos around being a vegan family, as well as fun and entertaining challenges. Filming special moments and occasions, the family shares it all with their large and loyal following. From birthday surprises to tattoo reveals, Family Freedom do it all.

As well as daily vlogging, the famous family-of-five are also known for their exciting and spontaneous travels to destinations including Los Angeles and Disney World.

As a vegan family, they often post their favourite meat-free meals as well as their favourite local and national vegan eateries. This is particularly helpful for parents who need inspiration for family-friendly, vegan meals!

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