The Top Vegan Influencers on Instagram

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If you feel like the words ‘vegan’, ‘veganism’, ‘vegan influencers’ and ‘vegan bloggers’ are getting much more airtime lately, that’s because they are. There is no doubt that veganism is no longer just a trend but it is well and truly here for the long-haul.

According to The Vegan Society, the number of vegans in Great Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2019, rising to 600,000. By 2025, vegans and vegetarians are predicted to make up a quarter of the British population.

Becoming a vegan consists of eliminating all animal products from your diet, such as meat and fish as well as all sources of dairy and eggs.  However, just following a vegan diet doesn't make you 100% vegan. To be a fully-fledged vegan, you must also make sure that none of your clothing contains animal products such as leather and fur, as well as ensuring all makeup and beauty products you use are cruelty-free.

From Zac Efron to Ellen DeGeneres, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus, a number of high-profile celebs are living their best lives on completely plant-based diets. Nowadays, social media influencers and bloggers are following suit. In a bid to lead healthier lives, help the planet and be more sustainable, more and more people are following a vegan lifestyle.

Have you taken the plunge to become a fully-fledged vegan, or have you taken part in Veganuary?

If you're looking to make the change, but aren't quite ready, try having two or three vegan days a week and become a 'flexitarian' - yes, that is really a thing - take a look at ten of the best vegan influencers on Instagram to give you a burst of inspiration.

1. Fearne Cotton


As a well known broadcaster and television presenter, Fearne Cotton has hosted some of Britain’s most popular TV and radio shows and is now known as one of the country’s favourite vegans.

As a mother-of-two and a follower of a vegan diet, Fearne regularly takes to Instagram to share her favourite vegan recipes. In 2019, she released her second cookbook, Happy Vegan - a healthy and insightful book that is easy to follow for fully-fledged vegans as well as those who are looking to reduce their meat intake.

2. Niomi Smart


Niomi Smart is one of the UK's original social media influencers and is now a leader within the online vegan industry. Not only does she follow a vegan diet, but also a vegan lifestyle consisting of using only cruelty-free makeup and purchasing sustainable clothing.

With over three million followers and subscribers and counting across her various social media platforms, Niomi is an advocate of sustainability and ethical veganism. Taking to YouTube, Niomi often shares videos titled 'What I Eat In a Day', sharing her everyday vegan meals. Regularly posting on Instagram, Niomi shares her favourite vegan eateries both local and abroad.

As a leading vegan influencer, Niomi has also published her very own cookbook consisting of over 100 nutritious, plant-based recipes. Covering British classics to food inspired by her travels around the world, this cookbook is sure to have something for everyone.

3. Demi Donnelly


Although widely recognised as a popular fashion and lifestyle blogger, Demi Donnelly has recently become a well-known vegan influencer on Instagram.

Demi's Instagram is the perfect feed to scroll through if you're looking for simple and easy to follow vegan recipes. Documenting her vegan and weight loss journey, Demi shares images of some of her favourite vegan meals. From breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, Demi has got you covered.

4. Jess Beautician


Jess Beautician is a well-known social media influencer, recognised for her work as a vegan and lifestyle blogger.

Using platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, Jess regularly keeps fans up to date with her latest vegan finds, from food to skincare, makeup and fashion. As a vegan fashion influencer, Jess recommends her favourite high-street and high-end stores in which to shop, as well as her favourite vegan restaurants throughout the UK and Europe.

As well as all of this, Jess posts videos such as 'School & Work Lunches', providing followers with inspiration to create new and exciting meals for themselves and their families.

5. India Reynolds


Rising to fame on Love Island, India has made her mark as a vegan influencer.

Alongside her main account, India has a second Instagram account dedicated to her love of healthy and nutritious vegan recipes. She shows off her kitchen creations and delicious-looking meat-free meals through mouth-watering snaps on her Insta feed. On her vegan-dedicated page, India also documents her newest cruelty-free beauty products.

6. Family Fizz


One of YouTube’s most famous families are entertaining as well as educational as they documented their transition to veganism.

Living in Dubai, Family Fizz entertain viewers by the millions and are now using their platforms to raise awareness of veganism. Their Internet success allowed fans to follow them as the whole family transitioned to a vegan diet. Using their social media channels, they share their favourite vegan recipes and meals with their millions of followers, proving particularly helpful for parents looking to help their children enjoy a vegan diet.

7. BOSH!


Combining their passions of digital marketing and delicious food, Henry and Ian created BOSH! to try and help others feel fantastic while doing their part to save the planet at the same time.

With four best-selling books and a brand new TV show Living Life On The Veg, BOSH! know all there is know about creating simple yet nutritious meat-free meals. The duo are the ultimate foodies, specialising in tasty vegan food and their Facebook page is also the biggest vegan cookery channel in the world!

8. Lucy Watson


Reality TV star and model Lucy Watson has firmly made her mark on the vegan industry.

Sharing her must-have meat-free meals on Instagram, Lucy also has her very own vegan cookbook as well as her own range of vegan meals, Feed Me Vegan. Alongside her sister Tiffany, Lucy co-founded and opened a plant-based restaurant in London, Tell Your Friends.

9. The Little Blog of Vegan


With a love for animals and healthy eating, Holly created the award-winning The Little Blog of Vegan to share her thoughts, ideas and recipes with like minded individuals.

Demonstrating just how simple yet delicious following a vegan diet can be, Holly also raises awareness of the foods that need to be consumed in order to receive all of the vitamins and nutrients needed as a vegan. From main meals to tasty treats, Holly’s blog and Instagram have all of the recipes and recommendations you will need to guide you throughout your vegan transformation.

10. Romy London


From breakfast, mains, snacks and tasty bakes, you will find everything on Romy’s website, making your transition to a vegan lifestyle much easier.

As a well-established photographer and influencer, Romy takes to Instagram to share stunning snaps of mouth-watering vegan recipes as well as her must-have cruelty-free beauty products.

There we have it! 10 of the best vegan bloggers and influencers to inspire and encourage those who are following, or attempting to follow a vegan lifestyle. While Veganuary may be almost over, you don’t need to stop there! There are endless recipes and ideas to help you continue your journey to veganism throughout the year.

Have you tried Veganuary? Or are you making the switch full-time?

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