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Romy London is a well-known Instagram influencer, photographer and videographer.

Specialising in all things vegan, Romy takes to her social media channels to share her passion for vegan foods. After deciding to go vegan back in 2014, Romy utilised Instagram to share stunning photos of mouth-watering meat-free recipes, helping to inspire thousands of people around the world.

With her very own website to compliment her Instagram feed, Romy has a dedicated page for her vegan recipes. From breakfast, mains, snacks and tasty bakes, you will find everything on Romy’s website, making your transition to a vegan lifestyle much easier. As well as her must-have meals, Romy also shares her favourite vegan restaurants and brand-specific product recipes.

Alongside her love of vegan food, Romy is passionate about the other aspects involved in leading a vegan lifestyle. Romy often takes to Instagram to share her top vegan beauty products.

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