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About The Little London Vegan (Clare Every)...

Clare Every, otherwise known as The Little London Vegan, is a culinary adventurer with an unwavering commitment to veganism. A role model in the ever-growing landscape of plant-based influencers, Clare navigates through London's eclectic vegan gastronomy, leaving no stone unturned, from bustling street food stalls to opulent Michelin-starred establishments. If there's a vegan option to be found, Clare has probably reviewed it, much to the delight of her substantial digital audience.

Beyond the bustling streets of London, Clare’s voracious appetite for vegan dishes is not limited by geographical boundaries. With her 'Global City Guides,' she takes her followers on a gastronomical journey, exploring vegan options in cities across the globe. These experiences, richly documented and vividly presented, offer a treasure trove of insights for vegan enthusiasts.

Clare’s influence extends far beyond her dining exploits. With over eight years of experience in the realm of social media, she wields expertise in a plethora of areas ranging from global marketing strategies to brand guidelines. Her digital portfolio boasts stints as a Social Media Manager and Global Digital Communications Manager for the MullenLowe Group, among other prestigious roles. Clare's keen acumen in digital communications is further evidenced by her impressive following of a whopping 160k+ on Instagram. Her engaging visuals and thoughtful reviews have solidified her position as a trusted voice in the vegan community.

Clare's contributions to the vegan movement don't just end at her blog and social media profiles. Recognised for her influence, she has been featured on esteemed platforms like BBC World News and ITV. Publications such as The Evening Standard and The Independent have acknowledged her significant impact, the latter lauding her as a 'Vegan Changemaker'. Her credentials also extend to the corporate culinary world. As the Chief Vegan Officer for Papa John’s Ltd, Clare provided her expertise to assess and innovate the brand's vegan menu. This role epitomises her integration of passion and professionalism, bridging the gap between vegan enthusiasts and the larger food industry.

Whether you're a seasoned vegan or someone just dipping their toes into plant-based waters, Clare's insights and adventures are sure to inspire. When looking for an exciting and inspirational vegan influencer for your next campaign, Clare Every aka The Little London Vegan is a fantastic choice!

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