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Holly created her blog titled The Little Blog of Vegan due to her love and passion for animals, as well as hearing more about plant-based diets.

Following the diagnosis of several food-intolerances, Holly was inspired to make the change and follow a vegan diet. After becoming vegan, she discovered a new found love for healthy eating and a variety of new foods.

Aware of some of the deficiencies that may come with following a vegan diet, Holly made it her mission to make people aware of the vegan alternatives to ensure that everyone is still getting the vitamins and nutrients they need, whilst still enjoying the food they eat.

Hoping to inspire others and demonstrate just how easy yet delicious being a vegan can be, Holly takes to Instagram to share snaps of tasty meat-free meals as well as sweet vegan treats. As well as changing up her diet, Holly has altered her lifestyle completely - switching up her beauty routine to use cruelty-free products as well as no longer wearing leather, fur or suede.

The Little Blog of Vegan is a three-time award-winning vegan recipe, beauty, advice and lifestyle blog. In 2017, Holly was also awarded Food Blogger of the Year.

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