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Tomi Makanjuola, known as The Vegan Nigerian, has carved a niche for herself as a food and drink influencer with a vibrant twist – advocating for veganism through the rich and diverse lens of Nigerian cuisine. Her work stands out in the food community for its innovative fusion of traditional Nigerian flavours with the principles of veganism, aiming to make this healthier and more ethical lifestyle accessible to the mainstream. She does this through online resources, workshops, and bespoke events, sharing her passion and inspiring others to explore the versatility of plant-based Nigerian dishes.

Her platform, The Vegan Nigerian, is more than just a collection of recipes. It's a movement that invites food enthusiasts from all backgrounds to partake in a culinary adventure that is both sustainable and delightful. Tomi's enthusiasm for plant-based cooking is infectious, and she translates that energy into every dish she creates, from savoury stews to sweet delights. She recognises the importance of food in cultural expression and seamlessly blends this with her vegan advocacy, showing that one does not need to forsake their cultural heritage to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

The diversity in Tomi's dishes is vast – ranging from the staple Jollof rice, transformed into a vegan delight without compromising on the signature West African spice, to innovative plant-based versions of Nigerian street food like puff-puff and suya. Her food not only speaks to vegans but also to those who are curious about plant-based eating, providing a flavourful bridge for people looking to diversify their diet.

With an inviting smile and a table full of colourful, vegan Nigerian dishes, Tomi Makanjuola invites her audience to a feast for the senses. Each of her recipes tells a story, not just of her journey with veganism, but also of a culture rich and proud. Her influence extends beyond the plate, as she engages in conversations about sustainability and health, encouraging her followers to make informed food choices that are good for the body and the planet.

Tomi's presence in the vegan community is a testament to her commitment to change. Through workshops, cookbooks, and engaging digital content, she educates and inspires a new generation of food lovers. Whether one is a seasoned vegan or simply vegan-curious, The Vegan Nigerian offers a deliciously unique perspective on what it means to eat well and live compassionately. Her platform is a beacon for anyone looking to explore the intersection of African culinary traditions and modern veganism.

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