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About Freya Cox...

Freya Cox is a vegan baker from Scarborough who appeared on the twelfth season of the British reality television show The Great British Bake Off. Known for her cheeky catchphrases and witty sense of humour, Freya quickly became a fan favourite. Despite not winning the competition, and finishing eighth, Freya has been winning ever since.

After appearing on the show, and being new in the public-eye, Freya has amassed a large and loyal following which has helped her to release a cookbook. Titled Simply Vegan Baking: Taking the Fuss Out of Vegan Cakes, Cookies, Breads, and Desserts, the book looks at many of Freya’s favourite vegan recipes which she shares with readers in step-by-step methods so they can try them out for themselves.

During her time in the famous white tent, it became apparent that Freya was building a strong friendship with fellow contestant Lizzie Acker. With an unbreakable bond the pair have gone from strength-to-strength since their departure from the show and now practically live together! The pair showed their commitment to each other when they revealed that they have matching tattoos dedicated to their time on Bake Off.

There is no doubt that Freya’s large following will continue to grow after her success on Bake Off and therefore makes her a great influencer to promote your brand.

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