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About Laura Adlington...

Laura Adlington was a finalist in the 11th season of The Great British Bake Off, which was held in 2020. Viewers fell in love with Laura’s sense of humour and positive outlook on both life and stressful situations, with her ability to thrive when working under pressure. Since stepping in the famous white tent, Laura has amassed an incredibly large and loyal Instagram following due to her infectiously bubbly energy, opening doors to many amazing opportunities. 

The Gravesend born and bred baker blew the judges and viewers away with her enjoyment for citrus and strong flavours, with the ability to put a modern twist on old and classic bakes, being somewhat of a perfectionist of her craft. 

Since the show Laura has launched a podcast called “Go Love Yourself”. The podcast consists of the two women going on a mission to empower people to feel good about themselves. They cover topics such as diet culture, dating, fashion, mental health and social media, promoting body confidence to their listeners. The podcast is a great success, as only two weeks after the first episode went live, the show reached the Apple Top 20 Charts! 

Laura’s Instagram page is filled with outfit inspiration, as well as posts helping her plus-sized followers find stylish clothes in the perfect size. Being plus-sized herself and taking the proud title of a “Plus-sized Fashionista”, Laura highlights the problem that there is not enough support for her community with big chains of clothing brands not supplying sizes big enough for her and her followers. 

Laura’s career has progressed even further, with her becoming a brand ambassador for Simply Be with her own plus-size collection, as well as earning a spot as a presenter on several occasions for Channel 4’s “Steph’s Packed Lunch”. She also takes part in charity work, often volunteering for the Samaritans, once again showing that she is an incredible role model and inspiration. 

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