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About Sam & Shauna (The BBQ Girls)...

Sam and Shauna, the dynamic duo behind the slow and low BBQ revolution, have carved out a unique niche in the culinary world as restaurant owners, TV hosts, cookbook authors, and passionate advocates of soulful American barbecue. Their journey from quitting their established London careers to embarking on a transformative six-month road trip across America in 2012 showcases their dedication to mastering the art of BBQ. By dining at numerous BBQ joints and immersing themselves in the culture of smoke and fire, they absorbed the secrets of American barbecue, which they brought back to the UK with a dream to share their newfound knowledge.

Their initial foray into the world of BBQ began modestly with a pop-up in a Cardiff pub, The Canadian, which gradually evolved into a Welsh BBQ sensation, thanks to their unwavering commitment and culinary excellence. This led to them winning the 'Best Street Food' Award at the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards in 2015. Their journey is a testament to their resilience, facing challenges head-on, from kitchen mishaps to the operational hurdles of running a bustling restaurant.

In March 2016, they opened Hang Fire Southern Kitchen in Barry, a testament to their dream of creating a restaurant that emphasises fresh, ethical produce and soulful cooking. The restaurant, housed in a restored Victorian Pumphouse, offered an authentic taste of American BBQ with a Welsh twist, drawing inspiration from their US road trip while adding unique local flavours.

Aside from their restaurant venture, Sam and Shauna have made significant contributions to the culinary world through their TV show, 'Sam and Shauna’s Big Cook Out', which celebrates community champions across Wales and aims to revolutionise the way people barbecue. Their approach to cooking and community engagement showcases their philosophy of bringing people together through food.

Their best-selling cookbook, The Hang Fire Cookbook, not only recounts their adventures but also serves as a guide for aspiring BBQ enthusiasts, offering recipes, tips, and techniques to master the art of BBQ at home. Sam and Shauna's journey from passionate foodies to celebrated culinary figures is a story of passion, perseverance, and the power of sharing a good meal, making them a truly inspiring social media duo in the world of food.

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