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Matty Edgell, a Peterborough teacher, has risen to fame as a passionate baking influencer, culminating in his recent triumph as the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2023. Juggling his roles as a PE and Science teacher at Hampton College and a football player for Stanground Sports, Matty's journey in the baking world is nothing short of inspirational.

Initially a ‘former secret baker’, Matty's love for baking was sparked by his grandmother's creativity, especially a teddy bear cake she made for his fourth birthday. This early impression led him to secretly hone his skills, often immersing himself in online patisserie videos before bedtime. His baking style, described as 'rustic but neat’, is characterised by his favourite flavours: chocolate, citrus, and nuts.

Despite his covert passion for baking, Matty's talents were relatively unknown until his fiancée, Lara, signed him up for The Great British Bake Off. His participation in the show was a well-kept secret, even to his close friends, who were surprised when the first episode aired. On the show, Matty embraced the title of ‘the official underdog’, acknowledging that many of his competitors had more extensive baking experience.

However, his underdog status did not deter him. Matty's journey on the show was marked by growth and self-discovery. Initially doubting his abilities, he gradually gained confidence, attributing his success to the foundational skills instilled by his grandmother. He aspired to match the impressiveness of his grandmother's legendary bakes, including a memorable South Pole-inspired cake she made for him during Christmas.

Matty's victory on The Great British Bake Off is a testament to his dedication and passion for baking. It highlights the power of nurturing a hidden talent and the importance of familial inspiration. As a teacher and influencer, Matty Edgell now stands as a role model, showing that with perseverance and a touch of creativity, one can achieve greatness in their chosen field. His story is a remarkable blend of personal growth, nostalgic inspiration, and the joy of sharing one's passion with the world.

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