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Matt is the face behind the popular foodie Instagram account, Daddy Cooks Food and has enticed over 70k followers on with his delicious recipes and dishes.

Utilising Instagram as a way to showcase his culinary skills, Matt, aka Daddy Cooks Food is now one of the most popular food and drink accounts online.

With Instagram as his primary digital platform, Daddy Cooks Food is able to reach out to thousands of foodies out there who aspire to be chefs, as well as those that are simply enjoying his array of wonderful recipes at home.

Recipes that often feature on his feed range from delicate starters, hearty mains and sweet desserts, catering for everybody and all their foodie needs.

Aside from food collaborations, Daddy Cooks Food has partnered up brands to raise awareness for vital causes such as cancer. He often utilises his social media presence to draw attention to both entrepreneurial projects whilst fighting for important causes that affect millions around the world.

Creating recipes and meals that the whole family can enjoy, Matt combines his passion for food with his parenting skills and has created quite the impact on social media.

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