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Gemma is the proud owner of Eating up London, a blog dedicated to all things food and drink. Based in London but also seen travelling around the world, Gemma creates a multitude of delicious meals and shares all her recipes with her thousands of followers.

Quitting her day job as a nurse, Gemma decided to pursue Eating up London as a full-time career and her decision has certainly paid off! Not only has she gained thousands of followers, but she even walked the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival as a guest of Mouton Cadet in April 2019.

Gemma’s Instagram feed is packed full of mouth-watering snaps of her various food creations. From sweet desserts to succulent main dishes, Gemma loves to experiment with ingredients and flavours.

As well as sharing her recipes to inspire her followers to have a go at recreating her dishes, Gemma also uses her blog to share some of her favourite eateries that she’s discovered along her foodie journey.

To inspire her creations, Gemma loves to travel to food-centric locations around the world to inject the flavours from different cultures into her dishes. From Portugal and Spain to Budapest and Greece, Gemma documents her travels on her Instagram account.

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