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About Rebecca Ellen Lamb...

Rebecca Ellen Lamb is an all-rounded influencer who posts wholesome content of her family life.

As a mum of three, Rebecca is a well-respected parenting influencer, sharing the ups and downs of parenthood in a raw, authentic way, without glamourising it for her social media feed.

Sharing gorgeous pictures of her three children, and showing a glimpse into family life, Rebecca posts about her experience of breastfeeding, highlighting how after her first child, she has become more confident and empowered by it – especially to do it in public!

Rebecca is a great role model for other mothers trying to juggle their lives, offerings lots of tips. She does this particularly on her YouTube channel, including food shopping on a budget tips, ‘A Day in the Life’ videos, as well as cleaning videos.

Also a skincare fan, Rebecca shares lots of content about brands that she has collaborated with as well as her favourite products and methods, with an Instagram highlight reel dedicated to her favourite practices.

Rebecca also promotes the importance of taking time for yourself as a mother and ensuring you invest time into self-care, showing how she likes to unwind and relax with skincare and pampering time.

Being an incredibly versatile creator, Rebecca’s content doesn’t stop there, as she also enjoys cooking and creating content that shows her followers how to make delicious, family friendly meals – all without too much time, money, or effort required!

Rebecca also loves fashion and likes to share her favourite outfits and looks with followers, proving herself to be a popular fashion influencer, too. Her range of content is nothing short of impressive, and Rebecca would be a very respected and high-quality influencer to help promote your brand.

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